Corrosion Control Services

What is it?

Corrosion Control is performed by implementing science and technology to advanced systems in order to prevent unwanted elements and substances from deteriorating mechanical infrastructures. Our engineers at Corrosion Protection Solutions provide corrosion control services that will greatly extend the longevity of systematic parts. Our services include:


Within the design phase of corrosion protection services, modifications take place that will improve anti-corrosion coating on metallic surfaces. These modifications are designed to prohibit water and other substances from tarnishing soft surfaces that are heavily relied on among many professional industries.


The most common forms of corrosion control testing are pipe testing and anode voltage testing. Frequent testing will ensure that your cathodic protection system remains consistent with accurate readings. Keeping up with routine testing will also help to protect from any possible destruction before the damages ruin your cathodic protection system.


Before corrosion control services can take place, engineers must first investigate the site and determine what elements have corroded the mechanisms. Once that has been determined, a comprehensive expert system corrosion prevention method (ES-CPM) is established. We also perform condition assessment of the equipment and infrastructure to determine the levels of corrosion, deterioration and other damage. We can then provide written engineering reports and make recommendations on rehabilitation projects.


Corrosion control engineers use comprehensive drawings and calculations to map out the exact process that is to be implemented. These drawings help engineers remain focused and clear as to what the scope of work to be completed looks like.

Why is it useful?

Corrosion control services can result in lower and fewer equipment repair costs. Additionally, they prevent equipment disruptions that can be extremely costly and sometimes dangerous, if the equipment fail.

At Corrosion Protection Solutions, we work hard to protect the environment and preserve infrastructure. We have an excellent safety record with zero recorded injuries or accidents. To request a consultation, please complete our online contact form. You may also feel free to give us a call at (925) 788-4399, or send us an email to