About Us

Corrosion protection Solutions was founded in 2003 by a senior level corrosion engineer, David Kashifi. David has been working in the field of corrosion engineering and cathodic protection system for nearly 27 years. We provide a vast array of corrosion engineering consulting services such as corrosion protection design, testing, investigations, drawings, annual inspections, and other related work. Our team of corrosion engineering experts can provide excellent client services and we serve industrial, commercial, residential, marine infrastructure, water/wastewater, oil and gas, and other industries. We are a US-based corrosion engineering firm and have worked on thousands of exciting projects both nationally and internationally. 

David Kashifi - Founder

Senior Corrosion Engineer and Cathodic Protection Specialist

Senior corrosion engineer and cathodic protection expert with over 27 years of industry experience. Proficient in the fields of cathodic protection, internal and external corrosion control/engineering, civil engineering, chemical inhibitors, and environmental engineering. Expertise in the field of cathodic protection (CP) systems design, corrosion and CP materials selection, proposals and sales, data analysis, field-related testing, installations, inspections, supervision, project management, troubleshooting, training, presentations and comprehensive engineering reports. Possess unique ability to successfully oversee hundreds of turnkey engineering projects on both a small and large scale. Possess the ability to effectively take on new roles and rapidly progress with minimal supervision. Exceptional at communicating with many diverse types of people from a wide range of disciplines. Excellent sales and public relation skills. Works well under pressure to meet deadlines on a timely manner.

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