Structures Considered

Our wide range of certifications allows us to handle a variety of above-ground, buried or submerged structures. You can discuss your specific projects with our professional staff by calling (925) 788-4399 today.

  • Above and Below Grade Storage Tanks (Raw and Treated (Potable) Water, Chemical, Petroleum, etc.)
  • Above Grade & Buried Pipelines of All Types (DIP, CCP, PCCP, Carbon Steel, PVC, etc.).  Chemical, Petroleum, Gas and Water Pipes
  • Marine Structures such as Mooring Dolphins, Sea Walls, Offshore Platforms and more
  • Reinforced Concrete Structures, Bridges and Pipes 
  • Submerged (Internal) and Soil-Side Surfaces for Steel and Reinforced Concrete Storage Tanks
  • Lite Rail Systems and High Speed Trains
  • Well Casings
  • Intake Structures, Water Boxes and Other Structures at Power Plants
  • Clarifiers, Trash Racks, Sludge Thickening Tanks and Other Structures at Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Submerged Pumps and Piping at Pump Stations
  • Electrical Grounding Systems at Satellite Towers and Other Locations
  • Fiber Optic and Other Low Voltage Cables
  • All Other Related Metallic and Reinforced Concrete Structures