Corrosion Control and Cathodic Protection Options

Corrosion control and cathodic protection solutions can be provided in a variety of methods. Corrosion and CP Solutions can recommend several options that can be quickly and safely implemented, minimizing downtime and protecting your vital infrastructure for many years to come. You can contact our NACE certified staff about any of the following structures by calling (925) 788-4399 or by emailing us through our contact form.

  • Cathodic Protection for Buried and Submerged Structures
  • Corrosion Investigations on Corroded or Failed Structures
  • Direct examinations of buried pipes using "Bell Hole" Inspections, which Utilize Various Corrosion Investigation Techniques such as Ultra-Sonic Thickness, Pit Depth Measurements, Coating Integrity and Investigation, R-Streng (Mechanical), Magnetic Flux, Failure Analysis, Laboratory Testing with Scanning Electronic Microscope, Soil and Water Analysis (pH, Resistivity, Sulfate and Chloride Content, Redox Potential, Moisture Content, using ASTM Standards), and Other Corrosion Investigation Methods
  • Determining whether Cathodic Protection is a Viable Option for the Particular Structure and As-Found Conditions
  • Determining if Electrical Continuity, Current Requirement, Video Probe, Soil and Water Corrosivity Analysis Testing is Required
  • Considering all Options for the Optimum Corrosion Control and Protection Methods&Techniques 
  • Providing Turnkey (Design, Meterials, Installation, Final Testing and Report) Projects