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Corrosion Protection Services

Our highly qualified personnel are ready to provide innovative and efficient solutions for your cathodic protection and corrosion control requirements. We serve the following industries:

  • Power and Energy
  • Independent and General Contractors
  • Architectural and Engineering Firms
  • Water and Wastewater Municipalities
  • Oil and Gas Industries
  • Alternative/Clean Energy
  • Lite Rail Systems (DC) and High Speed Trains
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Service Stations
  • All Other Infrastructure and Industries

One of the biggest challenges facing our aging infrastructure today is materials loss and deterioration by the electrochemical reactions that cause corrosion. Many government studies indicate that in the US alone, costs due to corrosion loss is more than $400 billion (USD).

Most of the corrosion loss on the infrastructure can be prevented by science and technology that is available to us today. It is our goal at Corrosion and Cathodic Protection Solutions to utilize proven science and technology to provide services so that we can extend the useful life of infrastructure, and help to prevent corrosion related failures of pipes, storage tanks and other vessels carrying liquids, gases and hazardous materials. Preventing corrosion related failures keeps hazardous materials from polluting the environment. Corroded and deteriorated infrastructure also creates a public safety risk which we must address.

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